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Robert Fitzsimmons' (Bob) Grandparents & Parents

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Bob's Brothers & Sisters (family of 12)

Bob's parents James Fitzsimmons and Jane Strongman are both buried in Timaru Cemetary and Bob is buried in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Bob's Wives and Children

- Bob's 1st Wife
Married 14th Oct 1885
Sydney, Australia
Ellen Fitzsimmons, 1886 - 1887
Bob's 1st Daughter
Died aged 11 Months

Robert William Fitzsimmons 1888 - 1888
Bob's 1st Son
Died aged 7 Months

Bob's 2nd Son

- Click to view Rose Julian Bob's 2nd Wife
Married 24 July 1893
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Bob's 3rd Son

Bob's 4th Son

Bob's 2nd Daughter

- Click to view Julia Gifford Bob's 3rd Wife
Married July 1903
- Click to view Temo Ziller Slomonin Bob's 4th Wife
Married 1915

Other Fitzsimmons Family Boxing Facts.

Bob's son, billed as Young Bob Fitzsimmons (Born 1897), later attempted to emulate his dad, but although he saw action for twelve years in professional rings from the end of the 1914-18 war he never made the top bracket.

Fitzsimmons holding his baby
Fitzsimmons holding his baby
from the Sunday World
March 15, 1896
Bob Fitzsimmons Jnr - Measurements
Bob Fitzsimmons Jnr

from the Sunday World
March 15, 1896

Two sons of Bob's brother and employer, Jarrett, succeeded in winning the New Zealand amateur heavyweight title, Jack in 1902 - he was the first holder of the title, fittingly enough, and Sid ten years later. Both turned professional, Jack going on to Canada in 1902 after losing the sight of his left eye in a forge accident, and boxing there, despite his handicap, first as an amateur and later professionally. It was while he was training for a return bout with Christie that Jack Fitzsimmons suffered an injury to his good eye that caused him to forget about further active boxing and return to Timaru. There he opened a boxing school which soon became famous far beyond that town.

NZ Boxing Team sent to Australasian Champs 1912
NZ Boxing Team sent to Australasian Champs. 1912
Back - D.BOREMAN. middle; and SID. FITZSIMMONS, heavy.
Front - H WITHEY, welter; J. PENROSE, light; W.G. ATACK manager;
J. GUNN, bantam; G. BARR, feather.

Sid Fitzsimmons, the year after picking up his amateur crown, turned professional in Australia, but he had little of his fabulous uncle's skill and did nothing of note. His last fight was on October 23, 1923, when he retired with an elbow injury in the eight round of a bout with Eddie Parker at Timaru.

A grandnephew of "Ruby Robert", Wes Jack, won the New Zealand amateur middleweight championship in 1938, and the claimed a place among New Zealands better-class referees.

Notes taken from "Kiwis With Gloves On" by Brian F. O'Brien, First Published 1960

I have very little information on Bob's children and their whereabouts, and would appreciate any information in this regard. Please make contact.

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